"Music gives a soul to the universe and wings to the mind." -Plato.

Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats Reminds Us Psychedelia Isn't Always Rainbows

Psychedelia is often portrayed as colorful swirls of melting clouds and moments of synesthesia that change everything you’ve ever known about the physical world. But what about the darker side of psychedelics? And we’re not talking about the stigma—you know, like if you eat one piece of LSD you’ll turn into a fried potato that suffers from eternal acid-flashbacks. Rather, we’re referring to the heavier side of tripping made famous by bands like Black Sabbath; or Pink Floyd’s film adaptation of The Wall.

Desert Daze is a Place for Transcending Societal Bullshit

Desert Daze fills a disproportionately large gap in the cosmic world of music festivals. Instead of catering to the mainstream appeal of EDM-heavy dance parties, Desert Daze aligns with an ethos dating back to an era post-Summer of Love but pre-new wave. It’s a festival time-warp back to a period when fringed leather, psychedelic exploration, Les Pauls, and drum solos were inherent details of the culture. And that’s how it felt at Desert Daze a couple weekends ago.

Age Is Just a Number: 1960s Rockers Ace of Cups Are Jamming Harder Than Ever

We caught up with guitarist Denise Kaufman of all-female rock outfit Ace of Cups to talk LSD in the '60s, today's political climate, and what it means to be rocking out with her band at age 70. Acid. Hippies. Sex. Rock and roll. Haight Street. The ‘60s laid the foundation of the counterculture. It shaped art, music, politics, and created space for people to unify over issues preventing societal peace, love, consciousness, and community. Many of those issues — women’s rights, civil rights, free speech, corrupt government — are just as relevant today...

EXCLUSIVE: Slightly Stoopid Added To Beachlife Line Up; Miles Doughty Interview

Earlier this year saw the announcement of Beachlife, Southern California’s newest music festival. The line up boasts legendary acts such as the Grateful Dead’s Bob Weir, Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys, Willie Nelson, Steel Pulse, Donavon Frankenreiter, Violent Femmes, and Grace Potter making for one of the regions most regarded festivals. And, today, the festival announced that Ocean Beach-based Slightly Stoopid will be added to the lineup, and will perform a majority of songs from their renowned "Acoustic Roots" record.

I Got a Psychic Reading at Burning Man

It was 7:45 p.m. on Friday night, and the mystics, hippies and unicorns had begun their migration from camp to the depths of the playa. But instead of jumping on the nearest art car and catching a ride to the trash fence for a dusty dance party, I trekked across Black Rock City to meet a woman named “Galaxy,” or Natalie Villeda, the director of the Berkeley Psychic Institute. Burning Man 2015 had opened under a full moon, and I figured the lingering lunar energy would make a perfect setting for