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Mary Carreon is an award-winning journalist, editor, and creative consultant from Southern California. She's currently the Associate Editor at MERRY JANE where she's bringing truth to the people one puff at a time.

Mary mainly covers cannabis, psychedelics, and counterculture. She's specifically interested in where these beats intersect with music, social issues, race, mental health, spirituality, feminism, and the environment. Her work's been featured in OC Weekly, Forbes, LA Weekly (RIP), Kitchen Toke MagazineSensi Magazine, High Times Magazine, MERRY JANE, DoubleBlind Mag, MudWtr, The LAnd Magazine, and more. 

For ideas, pitches, consulting (this includes "picking her brain"), and other collaborative endeavors—drop Mary a line: marycarreonwrites@gmail.com. 

You, Yes You, Can Buy Drugs On Social Media

Whereas once the darknet was the go-to place for buying illicit substances on the internet, now many vendors have taken to "clearweb" platforms like Instagram. Orange County seems to have an ever-revolving conveyor belt of white powders and pills flowing through it. But shrooms? Not so much. When they come around, it’s always brief. Connects are never consistent, ounces are overpriced, and when the well runneth dry, it could be months before they’re back. The dry spell of 2017 was particularly bad...

The Cannabis Industry is Booming. Can It Survive What Comes Next?

Weed is the only thing getting me through 2020 — and I know I’m not the only one. According to a survey conducted by the California cannabis brand Goldenseed, more than 73 percent of U.S. adults cited stress and anxiety relief as their primary motivation for getting high. Whether you were — or weren’t — getting stoned before our reality began mirroring the Book of Revelation, smoking weed has become the standard for coping with the palpable anxiety, depression, and angst triggered by this wretched year.

“Have A Good Trip” Is a Hilarious Doc on Psychedelics That We All Need Right Now

Can trees talk? What should you know when taking psychedelics? Are they a legitimate treatment for depression? These equally important questions are tackled in Donick Cary’s Have A Good Trip, a Netflix documentary featuring stories about tripping from A-list actors, comedians, and musicians. Carey, the former lead writer for The Late Night Show with David Letterman and co-executive producer for The Simpsons, breathes life into the weird and enlightening elements of psychedelic experiences throug

Shrooms 101: Here’s What You Need to Know About the Psilocybin Mushroom Movement

2019 will go down in history as the year the pendulum swung toward psychedelics. In May 2019, residents of Denver, Colorado, made history by voting in favor of Initiative 301, which effectively decriminalized the use, possession, and personal cultivation of psilocybin mushrooms within the city. Nearly a month later, another grassroots outfit known as Decriminalize Nature, swayed the Oakland City Council to pass a resolution preventing law enforcement from using funds to persecute people for the cultivation, possession, and use of naturally occurring entheogens, or psychedelic plants and fungi.

Check Out these Little Known Plant Medicines from Africa | DoubleBlind

As one of the world's oldest inhabited regions, Africa is home to a variety of plant medicines, so why don't we know more about this kingdom of ceremony? Africa is one of the oldest inhabited regions in the world, so, why don’t we know more about its indigenous plants? When you think of plant medicine (including fungi, though mushrooms aren’t technically plants), ayahuasca, peyote, San Pedro, and psilocybin cubensis are probably the first that come to mind—and tend to dominate the conversation.

Success Centers: The Long Standing Non-Profit Fighting for Social Equity in Weed

The women behind Success Centers in San Francisco are taking it upon themselves to ensure that the cannabis space and multiple other industries are equitable for people of color. Everyone loves the idea of making the cannabis industry a more equitable place. But there seems to be a disconnect when it comes to putting equity in motion. Some believe this has to do with the United States never being equitable in the first place — literally since its inception as a country.

Tasting Freedom: Dispatches From Lowell Café, LA's First Cannabis Restaurant

The City of Angels is on the brink of a major cultural shift, and Lowell Café, the new onsite consumption restaurant in West Hollywood, is at the epicenter. It’s fantastic that there are tons of places to buy legal weed in LA. But it’s lame-as-hell that there have been no true establishments to legally smoke delicious bud — until now. Last month saw the grand opening of Lowell Café, Los Angeles’ first legal onsite consumption restaurant. And it’s everything the city’s been missing. It’s a refug

DoubleBlind Magazine Is the Future of Psychedelics-Focused Journalism

There's no going back: psychedelics have permeated the medical field and American zeitgeist. And DoubleBlind Magazine is among few reputable sources covering this revolution. Psychedelics are a gateway to understanding the world in a deeper way — and they trigger conversations far bigger than your dose. Whether you’re on LSD or musing about your last ayahuasca journey, you’re usually not talking about the substance or plant itself...

Age Is Just a Number: 1960s Rockers Ace of Cups Are Jamming Harder Than Ever

We caught up with guitarist Denise Kaufman of all-female rock outfit Ace of Cups to talk LSD in the '60s, today's political climate, and what it means to be rocking out with her band at age 70. Acid. Hippies. Sex. Rock and roll. Haight Street. The ‘60s laid the foundation of the counterculture. It shaped art, music, politics, and created space for people to unify over issues preventing societal peace, love, consciousness, and community. Many of those issues — women’s rights, civil rights, free speech, corrupt government — are just as relevant today...

Get "Dosed": New Doc Explores Psychedelics as an Antidote to the Opioid Crisis

We spoke to a number of psychedelic community powerhouses — including Rick Doblin, Gabor Maté, and Rosalind Watts — for input on the greater implications of "Dosed" and how psychedelics could change society for the better. Psychedelics are changing the conversations around society’s deepest issues. From depression and anxiety, to PTSD and addiction, these substances and plant medicines offer a fresh lens on mental and emotional healing outside the (often unethical) confines of Western medicine...

Touch Down Celebration: Snoop Dogg’s Gangsta Gaming League Plays Madden 2019

This edition of GGL was an ultimate Madden showdown between Snoop and his life long gaming (and blazing) buds. Here's how it all went down. Snoop Dogg has been playing Madden since his days at Long Beach Polytechnic High School. He’s also been gaming with the same group of friends since then, too. So when the most recent edition of Gangsta Gaming League (GGL) featured Madden 2019, Snoop knew exactly who to call for the most epic virtual football party.

Shroom Edibles Are the Future: Meet the High Priests of "The Mushroom Bible"

The duo behind Instagram's best psychedelics account want you to expand your mind by trying psilocybin-infused gummy worms or their Grilled Cheese ‘Shroomwich. Exploring the underbelly of Instagram is among my favorite activities. It leads you to the most visually fascinating corners of the interwebs, where Instagram models, influencers, and other people living their best (fake?) lives dare not embark. It’s the virtual place you go to tap into global drug culture...

Snoop Dogg's Gangsta Gaming League Gets a "Mortal Kombat 11" Smack Down

We got stoned with Snoop and 21 Savage to play the new "Mortal Kombat 11" in the latest installment of GGL. It was a party, to say the least. Dozens of people gathered at Snoop Dogg’s LA compound last night for another round of the Gangsta Gaming League: Mortal Kombat 11 edition. What made this round of GGL extra spicy was the fact Snoop and his gaming crew threw down on the beloved ‘90s game a day before it was released to the public. Plus, rapper 21 Savage, Rachel Ako (a Survivor contestant

Denver's Sweet Leaf Retail Owners Plead Guilty to Drug Charges, Serve Year in Jail

In December of 2017, Sweet Leaf, Colorado’s largest dispensary chain, was raided by Denver PD after a year-long undercover investigation into the business. Law enforcement shut down all locations for what the state refers to as “looping,” or selling more than the “legal” amount of cannabis to a customer at one time. Two years after the raid, the case came to a head today: Sweet Leaf’s owners Matthew Aiken, Christian Johnson, and Anthony Sauro pleaded guilty to violating the Colorado Organized Crime Control Act (COCCA)—a law that focuses on racketeering and illegal distribution of cannabis.
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